Schedule and Papers

The 3rd Workshop on Social Computing and User Generated Content


(8:00: Coffee and Continental Breakfast)
(9:00-11:30: Tutorial on Social Computing and User Generated Content)

11:30-12:30:  Opening Remarks

Guillaume Ducoffe, Dorian Mazauric and Augustin Chaintreau.   Can Selfish Groups be Self-Enforcing?

Florent Garcin, Lirong Xia and Boi Faltings.  How Aggregators Influence Human Rater Behavior?


12:30 - 1:30:  Lunch Break


1:30 - 3:10: 

Sanmay Das and Allen Lavoie. Automated Inference of Point of View from User Interactions in Collective Intelligence Venues.

Ashish Goel and David Lee. Scaling up Consensus through Small Group Interactions, and the Importance of Triads.  

Bo Waggoner and Yiling Chen. Information Elicitation Sans Verification

Georgios Askalidis and Greg Stoddard.  A Theoretical Analysis of Crowdsourced Curation.


3:10 - 3:30:  Coffee Break


3:30 - 5:10:

Jens Witkowski and David C. Parkes.  Learning the Prior in Minimal Peer Prediction. 

Avner May, Augustin Chaintreau, Nitish Korula and Silvio Lattanzi.  Game in the Newsroom: Greedy Bloggers for Picky Audience. 

Chien-Ju Ho, Shahin Jabbari and Jennifer Wortman Vaughan.  Adaptive Task Assignment for Crowdsourced Classification. 

Ashwinkumar Badanidiyuru, Robert Kleinberg and Aleksandrs Slivkins. Bandits with Knapsacks: Dynamic Procurement for Crowdsourcing.